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An immersive adventure encompassing the luxury and sophistication of a one-of-kind experience.

The most modern accoutrements blend with premium bottle service, a delectable food menu, and five-star hospitality all offered in an alluring environment that is as sexy as it is sophisticated.


Cocktails, by #1 mixologist

The Mansion Club, a “1 of a kind” restaurant and club is in the center of Amsterdam's nightlife culture. Boasting a rotation of famous DJ'ss and surprise performances, a captivating interior and a stellar standard of service, The Mansion Club provides a nightlife sensibility that caters to even the worldliest of jetsetters and partygoers.


Built for locals or those new in town, the Mansion Club is a dynamic destination that’s drenched in culture.

Between gold-plated interiors, eye-popping art, mouth-watering cocktails, there’s something to stir each of the senses. Upon arrival, guests enter the club through a world of luxury.


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The first and original luxury club concept in Amsterdam that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion and art into one destination.